VIVE has a long-standing partnership with Stella Maris Ursuline High School located in Hualien, Taiwan.

We aim to support this school as we know schools located in rural areas might receive less funding and resource than the others. We continually provide food and household essentials like bedding items and blankets, to allow the students to feel comfortable and focus on their learning and improvement.

In 2021, both the female and male basketball teams performed brilliantly competing against teams from big cities and schools at the High School Basketball League (HBL) and getting very close to reaching the top 16.


In 2021, we’ve donated the savory rice cake to the students hoping they can enjoy some extraordinary taste while training for the basketball league.

In 2022, we’ve also donated many blankets, pillow, and bedding items to the student.


VIVE Charitable Act for Aboriginal Orphans in Isolated Areas

VIVE has been in the textile business for 3 decades and values the corporate social responsibility for the minority community in Taiwan.  In the Christmas season of 2015, VIVE donated more than 40 pieces of new and clean blankets to orphan charities, where textile goods are of vital importance, keeping the children warm during the winter.

We conducted extensive phone interviews with 14 different orphan charities in Taiwan, including some indigenous orphanage organizations. Located in isolated mountain areas in Taiwan, these charities have a stringent need for blankets and textile product that can keep their children warm and protected during cold winter nights. For this reason, this year, VIVE launched an orphan support program for three orphanage charities in mountain areas of Hualien and Pingtung County:

  • Hualien Aboriginal Teenagers and Children's Home and Hualien County Andre Children Care Organization: both Hualien based organizations, taking care of indigenous children suffering from family violence or from divorced family
  • Pingtung Christian Bethany Home, looking after children with handicaps and intellectual disability

VIVE encourages employees to collect spare and new blankets from the office and their homes. Our employees have embraced and supported the program with enthusiasm. As one of our colleagues said: “For the children suffering from family violence and poverty, I hope our charitable giving can bring some warmth and love to them.”

In total, VIVE donated 11 cartons of blankets to more than 50 children. These charities all showed their gratitude by phone calls or cards. The founder of VIVE, Mr. Adam Liu, said, “Making a difference for minorities in Taiwan is our main aim, and we should keep supporting this charitable act with our love and care.”

VIVE Charitable Act for Children in Need

  • World Vision International, VIVE has sponsored NT$27,000 per month for 20 kids from Taiwan and 10 kids from diplomatic relations countries since 1995.
  • Taitung St. Mary's Hospital, donating NT$10,000 per month for terminal cancer patients care since 1995.

Since 1995, VIVE has donated approximately NT$11,600,000 (US$ 417,300) to charities to help more than 300 people.

In 2021, VIVE is planning more charitable events, such as donating medical consumables to isolated communities, to help the minorities in Taiwan. 


Kawasaki disease (KD) is a multisystemic vasculitis of unknown cause that primarily affects children under the age of five and is recognized as the most difficult pediatric disease to diagnose and manage by pediatric specialists. KD occurs in every ethnicity, especially in Asian countries, particularly Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

VIVE continuously supports the Kawasaki Disease medical seminar and events to share the KD knowledge with the public.

We encourage parents to build up the know-how of Kawasaki Disease. We believe families should be aware of the possibility of KD and protect children from serious complications.

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